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Author: Nicolas Braun

Actually, Anthropology is a scientific area, which studies basic problems of human existence in environments, both natural and artificial. To cut a long story short, it is the humanity study. While completing paper in this sphere, we should also pay attention to the fact that this science is divided into some different types of anthropological studies, as well as various branches. For example, philosophical anthropology is mainly concerned on the problems of human existence in the world, while cultural deal with people`s connection with culture. There are some several divisions more. But, among the most important subfields of anthropology are Archaeology, Biological, Cultural and Linguistic. So, you should understand that your writing assignment in anthropology will surely include some information from different studies.

Students usually face some difficulties when it comes to the essay structure. So, let`s talk about it in details.

  • The first part of your paper in Introduction. In fact, each properly structured paper should begin with the introductory part, where you give the information what will be mentioned in your essay. You should also show on your aims here.
  • The second part is the Literature Overview. Not to confuse you, let us say it simply and shortly – this part should be theoretical orientation of your project.
  • The next part is considered to be the main body of the paper. It should include all the analysis conducted and all the information discussed. If fact, it should be divided into two equal parts, which are strongly connected with each other – theoretical and practical parts.
  • The last but not the least part is the discussion and conclusion. Here you should summarize all the material and approaches to get such results. Tell how your work can be used further; how it can be advanced. Don’t forget to state the perspective of your assignment. Sum everything mentioned in your essay up.

View these helpful tips to deal with your anthropology paper:

  • Choose the topic as soon as possible. Remember that it should not only be topic-related, but actual, interesting and through-provoking as well.
  • To come up with some new ideas and get some inspiration, look through some samples of similar papers.
  • Remember, that everything you offer to the audience should be theoretically proved and grounded. You can look for necessary information in the library and via the Net as well.
  • All problems and thesis should be clear, understandable and discussed in a proper way.
  • The usage of terminology should also be careful – use it in a correct way. Always explain some rare and difficult for understanding terms.
  • Try to connect each part of your paper thematically and practically.
  • Check your paper after completing to reveal some possible mistakes.
  • Stick to the anthropology research paper format.
  • Use more common phrases like “To conclude”, “I would like to outline”, The evidence for that is”, “According to the theory”, etc.

Check the list of common mistakes while writing an anthropological research papers and try to avoid them in your work:

  • The conclusion is not present or structured incorrectly
  • Too detailed conclusion
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Stylistic errors
  • Theory is provided without grounding and practical proof
  • Mislead of used concepts
  • Not full and poor paragraphing
  • Missed subheadings
  • No references admitted
  • Procrastination

Taking into account all the information above, can facilitate your writing process a lot. Just try to follow these rules and tips. Keep an eye on common mistakes not to repeat them in your writing assignment. It is easy to create a good anthropological research paper. But, of course, you should take great pains for it. Take time and everything will be alright.

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