The Most Interesting Facts From The History Of Halloween

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Author: Kelly Higgins

Get insights into the Halloween celebration peculiarities

At last! Halloween is just around the corner. It seems that all the children have been waiting for these ghost stories, spooky costumes, and carved pumpkins the whole year. It is a celebration mostly for youth and kids, although more and more adults celebrate it as well. You will be definitely surprised how rich the history of Halloween traditions is. There is no point in celebrating Halloween if you are no well aware of what lies beyond all these frightening things. So, let`s find out why we all love this mid-autumnal holiday and why its traditions are so time-honored.

How did this peculiar custom originate?

So why do we associate Halloween with death and eerie things? Let`s return to the very beginning. Many centuries ago, the Celts, who lived in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, celebrated the New Year on 1st November, and the night before that, 31st October, was the eve of the Celtic New Year, called “All Hallows` Eve”.  This large group of tribes believed that the souls of dead people came back to the earth during this night in search of a new body for themselves. Nobody wanted to be haunted by a ghost so people decided to wear ghoulish costumes on this night to cheat those spirits. Even after the adoption of Christianity in Ireland, people didn`t stop dressing up. This custom became very popular in the USA and Canada after millions of Irishmen immigrated to these countries.

Why did Treat-or-Tricking become a tradition?

“Give me something Good to eat…

            Crackers, fruit will not do

            Give me candy, I want two!

Candy, Candy Give me four

Candy, Candy I want more!”

We just can`t imagine Halloween without the traditional treat-or-tricking. It is probably a modern version of a European custom called ‘souling’. On 2nd November, people used to walk from village to village begging for ‘soul cakes’ which was a kind of bread with currants. The beggars promised to pray for the souls of the dead in return for the cakes. Nowadays, the cakes have been replaced with fruit, sweets, or toys. So, be always ready to present the children with some goodies otherwise they will play tricks on you.

Why spooky storytelling is one of the most engaging activities on Halloween?

“Mr. Abney was in his chair, his head thrown back and his eyes wide, with a look of terrible fear and pain on his face. On the left side of his chest was a large hole and Stephen could see his heart. But there was no blood on his hands and the long knife on the table was completely clean…”

It goes without saying that everybody wants to get horrified on Halloween. The spine-tingling tales about ghosts, witches, and werewolves, and vampires is something that both children and adults like to experience. The atmosphere of the celebration makes us all believe that everything that is told on this day is a real truth. Everyone is just sitting still with their mouths open. But did you know that the first Halloween ghost stories were about beloved soldiers coming home to their loved ones?

Why do we connote Halloween with witches?

“O brothers mine, take care! Take care!

The great white with rides out tonight.

Trust not your prowess nor your strength,

Your only safety lies in flight;

For in her glance there is a snare,

And in her smile there is a blight.”

Witches have become one of the most important symbols of Halloween. According to the legends, they used to gather on the eve of October 31- All Hallow`s Eve to celebrate a party hosted by the devil. Casting spells on the innocent people and transforming them into different animals and things were among their favorite fun activities. This image is so powerful that these days almost every girl wants to dress up like a witch and enchant everybody on Halloween party.

We are sure that you will be able to impress your friends with these interesting facts at your next Halloween party. So, have a spooktakular good time!

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