Trendy Gadgets of the Millennia and How They Changed the World

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Author: Kelly Higgins

We often create devices that help us manage the house, but what about the ones that are really entertaining? Here are the inventions that are going to take your breath away:

  1. Boston Dynamics Spot. We can say with all surety that no robot in history has made such an influence on the ongoing technological process than this device.
  2. Instant pot. This is a pressure cooker that got its viral publicity after thousands of teenagers and YouTubers started the promotion campaign for bigger sales. Now, it has a history that can compete with similar gadgets on the market.
  3. Makerbot replicator. During the decade of 3D print consumption, this one was a hit. Of course, it did not last long because of the lack of resources.
  4. Swagtron hoverboard. The self-balance control system is something that appealed to the audiences a long time ago. Since then, people have started using electric scooters. However, this one still remains cute.
  5. Motorola Moto G. The photo ops and effects on this were huge. The product surely made an impact, although not as big as its predecessors.
  6. Webcam covers. We can say that these guys are still going around for the reason of convenience. Now, your chatting has become a lot easier, and video services help.
  7. Ikea LED bulb. The device is a revolutionary one without a doubt. According to the reports, it consumes 85% less energy than it did in the past years.
  8. Boosted board. A longboard to match the design, it has proven that technological advancement is something to be cherished.
  9. MacBook pro with the added touch bar. This one signified a change in the course of regular laptops. Coming with an intricate keyboard that had a blast with the users, the gadget confirmed that the era of MacBook has just begun.
  10. Blue Yeti Nano. The podcasting industry has never been happier: this miniature version of the original allows the users to explore the benefits of the tool.
  11. Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This one helped to pave the market for larger phones, but let’s not forget the troubles that came along, including the devices being set ablaze, smoking and exploding. What an entrance!
  12. Motorola Moto X. The gadget was fully assembled and completed in America, with the customers loving the choice of colors they were given on the casing.
  13. QI wireless chargers. Those of you who thought about charging without an actual plug finally welcomed the arrival of this product. Now, you can get access to it from a pad or stand.
  14. OnePlus One. We will forever recall those phones, as they have a vivid design, understandable functions, and software that doesn’t get in the way.
  15. Microsoft Xbox One. The price is rather decent, and you also get the list of games for the fee that you are paying. A good offer for an easy ride!
  16. Mophie Juice Pack. This is an innovative idea that is certainly going to last: purchasing the casing for your phone that will also charge it.
  17. Vanmoof Electrified S. A company from Amsterdam made futuristic bikes a reality. You can prevent it from getting stolen and also possess a recovery system that really lasts.
  18. Selfie stick. Soon after the word “selfie” was officially a part of the language, there came an era of selfie sticks. What do they do? Getting a picture becomes easier as you don’t have to give your camera to someone else for a shot.
  19. 3.5 mm headphone adapter. There is nothing easier than using this one for everyday devices, and enjoying yourself while doing it.
  20. Sonos Play 1. This is the wireless speaker of the new century. Although sometimes rather inconvenient, it nevertheless started a trend.
  21. Generic USB-C Hub. USB-C ports are everything you need. In a perfect world, you won’t have any extra devices to add a notch to the gadget.
  22. GoPro Hero 8 Black. The reason this device is on the list turns out to be rather simple: GoPro has always been known for making cameras that do not go in the way.
  23. Anker Powerport 4. Many of us have been in the same situation, when the laptops and phones just go off. You need them charged at once? Here is the answer!
  24. Toyota Camry. The reports are saying Toyota Camry is one of the most reliable cars you can find. Although it does lack the visual image of its sports competitors, it definitely performs all the functions and operates on a decent level.

Oculus Rift. The description entails a set of screens with sensors for projecting virtual reality. The gadget does not exactly match the expectations, but it is nevertheless charming.

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