Useful Problem-Solution Essay Prompts

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Author: Kelly Higgins

A Worthwhile Problem-Solution Essay

How ironic is that the problem-solution essay is actually a problem to write? Fortunately, it doesn’t cause so much headache as it may seem.  Step by step we will move towards a constructive essay and find out how to write a problem solution essay together.  You may get surprised how many barriers can be tiered down if you allocate some time to brainstorm.

Brainstorm the Issue

The success of your essay depends on many factors and the problem you choose to address is among them. Prepare that a worthy idea may take some time to pop up in your head.  Global issues such as hunger or poverty are hard topics to develop a decent solution for – they imply too many vague stages to be covered at once. Family or personal problems are the ones worth of attention undoubtedly but not the ones you are expected to write about. If you want to hit the target highlight some local problems that you come across every day. Hence, it will be easier to come up this a seemly and effective solution.

Draw the Outline

Clearly, there has to be a reason behind your choice of the problem. You are the first one who has to believe that the problem is worth of presenting and discussing:

  • Establish a reason for your choice: why does this problem matter? How and why can it be solved?
  • Delineate how much information you possess concerning the issue and what possible solutions you can present.
  • Define a plan for your essay: make a research to get valid data and gather more précised information. Sketch the skeleton heading the main paragraphs of your essay.

Don’t be Narrow-Mined

Everybody has an opinion they would like to share concerning any possible problem. We become all-professional experts giving our opinions. However, prejudices and judgments complicate the task. Our own prejudgments impede creative thinking and, what is more important, blurry the key moments. If you don’t take the step back and see the whole picture, meaning all the facts, you may miss the details that change the issue dramatically. That is why, it is important to stay open-minded, embrace all the aspects and make deliberate conclusions, showing your deep awareness.

Analyze the problem

When you feel that you are ready to proceed to write let the problem analysis be the first one to occur on the paper. Only after you take the issue apart, your solution will look coherent and grasp:

  • Identify the premises of the problem
  • Rate the prevalence of the issue
  • Give reasons why does it deserve attention and solving
  • Notify your readers of the possible outcomes if no action taken towards the problem.

These will help you disclose the subject to the full extend.

The Linking Section

You should not address the solution right after you present the problem. This linking section in your essay should depict the attitude of the society to the problem and struggles they face solving it. You can present the opposing argument as well. In this instance make sure you identify why these arguments fade in front of your problem. The emphasis in what case the solution will satisfy both the opposing and proponing aspect of the issue.

Alternatives worth presenting

Before you address your solution cover other possible ways of solving. The point is to highlight the reasons why they are not good enough to remain the best solutions and bring the reader to the explanation why your solution is worth of realization.

Proposing a Solution

We have finally reached the solution part. Besides describing your actions explain the reasons standing behind them. They have to be logically linked and sound realistic and workable.

Draw a Conclusions

Summarize the essay with encouraging the readers of taking part in problem-solving. Inspire them to listen to your ideas and take actions. Your goal is to prove yourself and your readers that the existing problem can be solved through the deliberate actions.

Basically, all of the above mentioned can serve you as a plan for your assignment. You may add some examples illustrating your point or give numbers depicting the extent of the problem.

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