Author: Alice Miley

Alice Miley

“Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination”

This is the motto of one really strong and, at the same, time gentle and fragile woman. Alice graduated from University of Georgia where she was the most active and intelligent student. To be a perfect journalist is a major Alice’s goal and she dedicates a lot of time and strength to achieve it. Her favorite hobby is reading and traveling. She says: “Books and travels are the best opportunity to learn something new, not only about the world around us, but also about yourself personally.” It is important for Alice to know perfectly everything what is going on in the world because she is convinced that it is the first thing what is demanded from a well-skilled journalist.

Today, Alice works as a journalist in a local magazine where she writes different articles on various educational topics. She finds interesting to explore more and more facts of students’ academic life as well. Her comprehensive articles and reviews can be found right here on our website. Discovering something new and creative is what she really likes about the writing process. Alice is not going to stop because her major dream is to be a journalist on an international channel. This lady is very ambitious and purposeful, she always knows what she wants and how to attain success.

Drug and Drug Abuse Essay

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Drug abuse is a painful and thorny subject for many people. Thus, it is hard to live in the modern society and do not have own opinion in regard to this issue. Apparently, you may have some acquaintances or friends, who have tried drugs, or have watched film on this topic or have read some posts in the Internet. Thus, it is hard to stay…

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