How To Make Your College Admission Essay Stand Out

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Author: Julia Stuart

How to craft that all-important college application essay

The college application essay is one of the major ways applicants can distinguish themselves. It helps admission officers form a picture of your abilities, talents, and accomplishments. This type of essay gives you the opportunity to share your ambitions, experiences, passions, and interests. It is also a chance for you to use your voice and prove that you are exactly a perfect student. A well-written and thoughtful essay will definitely cast your application in a positive light. Here are some insights on how to write a perfect college application essay.

 Why to write an application essay?

  • To allow admission officers to evaluate your writing and communication skills
  • To show that you have thought carefully about the college to which you are applying
  • To tell about who you are as an individual
  • To give your admission officers a sense of your values and goals
  • To show that you are willing to put yourself into what you do
  • To emphasize your volunteer work that helped your community become a better place

How to handle an application essay?

  1. Take your admission essay seriously. Put enough effort and time into writing it in a proper way. Consider it to be a rare opportunity, not a hurdle.
  2. Considers what you ultimately want to convey in your application essay before the writing process.
  3. Prove to your admission officers that your presence will make the college a better place.
  4. Show that you know the field you`ve chosen to study and are passionate about it.
  5. Include such information about you as test scores, grades, recommendations, and lists of your extracurricular activities.
  6. Personalize your application. Speak in your own voice.
  7. Tell about what your aspirations in life are and what experiences or people have been important in shaping you as a person you are now. Tell about a slice of your life that is the most meaningful to you.
  8. Show your command of the basics of good writing: follow all the instructions given, make a point and stick to it, and use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Be concise and avoid competitiveness.
  9. Don`t be confessional while revealing things about you.
  10. Bear in mind that your admission officers do not want to be entertained. So, it is a bad idea to experiment with your sense of humor if you are no so funny.
  11. Avoid such topics as drunkenness, drugs, sex, crimes, world peace, and sports triumph.
  12. Avoid exaggerating your character traits but focus on the facts that are the most revealing about your personality.
  13. Don`t use a flowery, inflated, or pretentious style.
  14. State what you hope to learn from your college experience.
  15. Capture the interest of the admission officers and distinguish yourself from other students by being honest, vivid, and specific.

We hope that these tips have made your college application essay writing much easier and stressful. Best wishes for a wonderful start of the new academic year at your longed-for college! Do everything possible to achieve your full potential as a student!

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