Author: Julia Stuart

Julia Stuart

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

Julia Stuart is a real leader of her life and no obstacles will break this strong woman. Ms. Stuart graduated from Chicago University where she studied business. She devoted most of her student life to scientific research in the fields of economics and marketing. Julia worked as a teacher of economy in business school, where she taught students to be successful entrepreneurs and businessmen. But later she realized that her real life vocation is to write essays, novels and all kinds of articles.

Julia is very creative person with the perfect writing skills and strong sense of language. She believes that ability to compose an intelligent and interesting sentences is essential to communicate effectively and persuasively. This wise lady always says: “You can have all the wonderful and original ideas in the world and if you can’t communicate clearly and properly, nobody will hear them.” On her Facebook page, she regularly posts different and useful advice on how to write clearly, simply and precisely.

The most preferred topics for Julia are journalism, politics and laws, higher education, marketing and arts. She is really talented and responsible person with strong organizational skills. Her dedication to work and intense desire to be successful are both exceptional.

Guidelines on writing a philosophy paper

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A philosophy paper is extremely similar to anthropology and psychology. It means that if you are interested in the last two subjects, you can make good results when writing a paper on philosophy. Write a philosophy paper requires coherence and logical thinking. You will have to make an argument, to prove or deny some well-known arguments, support or object already existed answer on a thesis….

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