Does A Classics Education Really Prepare Students For A Modern World?

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Author: Julia Stuart

Do not be afraid to return to education that really works

Have you ever wondered why in the 21st century we still can find a lot of schools and colleges, which have taken a classical approach to education? What is the secret? Why the classical education still matters? At first sight, the use of traditional teaching and learning methods seems to be paradoxical, considering the fact that modern technologies have changed education for better. So, can we still take advantage of a classics education to prepare young people for life in the modern world? We`ll try to figure it out.

Classical education considers moral virtue as a top priority

Virtue is a goal of classical education. This type of education focuses more on the character than on the curriculum checklist. It addresses both the mind and the soul. Teacher`s purpose is to form a virtuous person, who always desires the right things. Moral excellence – what is really important. The knowledge of students should aim toward beauty, truth, and goodness. Teachers and parents do their best to lead students through their adversities so they could become stronger. They explain them how to distinguish right from wrong and think before doing something. They make students consider in what ways all their decisions will influence people, who surround them. And who would argue that morality is not relevant in our modern world, where bullying and unhealthy competition among students are on the first place?

Classical education values knowledge and wisdom

Classical education considers education as the most potent weapon of development. Students are taught how to understand themselves and everything that happens around them. They are learning how to become deep thinkers. During their studying, they hone the main mental capacities such as imagination, reason, a sense of beauty, memory, and facility for language. According to the principles of classical education, students should learn how to resolve issues and problems that appear in our society with the use of appropriate abilities, skills, and specific knowledge. Students are urged to seek the truth while learning religion, culture, history, music, and arts. And this knowledge will definitely help them understand the way the world works.

Classical education brings up a society of responsible citizens

The aim of classical education is to make students aware of the political order of their country. Educators make sure that all their students enter this world as citizens, who are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities. They produce socially responsible and altruistic citizens, who care about good of the society and do their utmost to make things better. Teachers explain the importance of respecting and obeying laws, develop their patriotism, and teach them to show respect to others. They turn students` attention to moral values, not materialistic things.

Why to adopt a classical education?

Thanks to the classical education we can bring up citizens who base their opinion upon reason, are able to express their thoughts and ideas in a persuasive manner and develop respect for others including those, who have opposing believes and values. This type of education is definitely applicable in a modern age since it has proven its worth. Moreover, the skills of expression, reasoning, thinking, and logic always remain timeless.

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