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Author: Nicolas Braun

How to Title an Essay in the Most Remarkable Way

No doubts, the title plays a crucial role in the essay. To be honest, it is almost the most decisive factor that attracts readers and determines whether people will read some text or not. Very often essay titles for students are given by their tutors, but such situations happen not always, and you should be able to do it on your own. Someone may have doubts whether is it so difficult to write a maximum of one sentence for the title? You will be surprised, but yes. Many people who are involved in the sphere of academic writing argue that creating the appropriate title may be even harder than creating the entire text of the essay.

Why Do You Need It?

The title is a business card of your essay. When the tutor or any other reader takes your paper in his/her hands the first thing he/she pays attention to is an essay title page. The aim of the title is to intrigue readers and make them think “This seems interesting” and finally encourage them to read the paper from the first to the last page. If people are curious about how you developed and supported your argument, it means that they are subconsciously minded for something worthwhile. Besides, the wider reading audience you can attract the higher chances you have to get a positive feedback while presenting your knowledge and vision of some issue.

How Should It Be?

Well, there are no strict written standards or requirements that allow or forbid writing title of this or that type. It’s better to talk about the recommendation for creating the powerful title.

  • As you could understand from everything described above, it should be noticeable (obvious, but still worth mentioning), because all of us prefer unusual and extraordinary statements.
  • Another thing you should keep in mind is that your title must be trustworthy. In order to catch attention, many inexperienced students may distort the truth, in this way they only decrease the quality of the paper. Your tutor won’t be satisfied when he/she finds that you did something similar.
  • Don’t try to be complicated and sophisticated, as this worsens the understanding of the text. You should create only readable content.
  • As the author, you have to be precise and concise. Reads should be given a clear indication of what they should expect. By the way, being brief is also a skill that will be useful, no matter, what you would deal with.
  • This point covers more technical characteristics, but it should be discussed. Make sure that you use active voice while writing.

How Should I Write It?

You have listened to the so-called theoretical course, and therefore it’s time to talk about more practical things. If you have faced a writing block, don’t be desperate. This may happen to everyone regardless of age and experience, but as usual, there are solutions to cope with this issue.

1. Title at the very end. Somebody may found this illogical, but most authors follow this principle. Of course, if some ideas come to your mind, you should write them down and not hurry. You may have several working headlines, but it’s much easier and faster to choose the final one when the essay is ready. In this case, you can clearly see the strength of the paper and find out the title that will complement it.

2. Apply famous phrases, clichés, and quotes in the title. In particular, if you refer to a well-known book title in essay, you can take the recognizable phrase from it. You can also add some creativity and remake the phrase a little bit to create impressive and lovely wordplay. You shouldn’t be limited to book phrases, use famous people’s sayings and clichés where this is acceptable.

3. Draw a parallel with the thesis statement. Your thesis reflects why the essay is written, and this argument opens up the discussion in the paper. If in the headline you have to give the readers some reasons to learn the essay from the first to the last word, then why not combine these two points.

4. The essay and the title should be on one line. There is no sense in creating very strict and serious headline if in the essay you cover some neutral or lively topic, and on the contrary, be very attentive and follow an appropriate tone if you deal with very significant questions.

5. Three-word technique. Its essence lies in the following – you have to summarize your essay or its thesis by means of three words, and after that, you use these words to build the title. In practice this technique is very effective, so try it.

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