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Author: Alice Miley

25 Devices that Brought 2010s Technology Back to Glory

Every time someone mentions the devices that are capable of improving your everyday life, you have to remember these:

  1. USB-C. This one is a shark among the lesser productions. It can handle power and data at the same time, without compromising on quality.
  2. Popsockets. This is another type of accessory for the phone that seems to be everywhere these days, and the company keeps expanding.
  3. DJI Phantom. One can call it the mother of drones. Although these guys are getting smaller by the hour, we cannot forget to mention the original one as the first prototype.
  4. Ring Video Doorbell. The device is specifically popular with travelers. Now, you can track the person, standing at the door, even if you are miles away.
  5. Bose QuietComfort 35. With an improved design and crisp audio quality, these headphones have won our hearts right away. Back in the day, they were too expensive to be bought on a regular basis. However, there came a time when the world felt the need to have them at all costs.
  6. Juul. The electronic cigarette industry would have suffered a loss if it was not for this marvelous design that imitates the USB port. Also, pay attention to the flavor. They preserve their fruitiness like nothing else in the world.
  7. Panasonic Lumix GH4. With the ability to shoot the videos from any corner of the world, the gadget can still give others a run for their money.
  8. Dell XPS 13. Consumers still recall the fact that it was considered a rip-off of the original MacBook from the start. However, it soon progressed to be its own entity, with a sharp design.
  9. Nest Thermostat. This one has served as proof that the industrial elements in the history of design are needed. Temperature control has never been so fashionable!
  10. Anker Powercore 10. Let’s face it: some of us just love carrying batteries around. With the ones that look like that, you won’t be reddening if someone spots you with a pair.
  11. Nintendo switch. Many of the users have been worried that the device was compromising its power for the unusual design. It may be true, but the interface is magnificent.
  12. Dell Chromebook. We do not need to introduce this one, because it has become an increasingly popular entity with students. It is not very exquisite, and yet it does the job.
  13. Samsung Galaxy Note. A large screen definitely belongs on the gadget that caused massive controversy among the users.
  14. TV remote with Netflix button. Do you remember the time when Netflix was only moderately popular? At the moment, it has come so far ahead that it decided to add a special button to the remote, for the audience’s convenience.
  15. Apple iPad Air. With the processor, much more powerful and speedy, and toned-down designs, this one has to be a revolutionary among the series of Apple iPads.
  16. Google Pixel 2. The definitive course of Google history was marked with the launch of its product, and that’s a given.
  17. Sony Playstation 4. This is a leader among the home consoles mainly because it is affordable for everyday users and is not lacking in quality.
  18. Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Things have not always been easy for the brand, but the one we are going to mention now is worth purchasing. The number of functions will impress you, and the tablet itself is great.
  19. Apple Watch Series 3. While focusing on the exterior design, it maintained the quality of the original version and never held back on elegance.
  20. Apple AirPods. The company made a huge leap in the direction of wireless AirPods with the item that was instantly purchased by millions of people.
  21. Tesla Model S. This car turned a business that was still developing into a monopoly that reigns above everyone. This deserves to be celebrated on the list.
  22. Samsung Galaxy S6. A sleek screen, a metal design, and a finish that leaves you wanting more – these characteristics have transformed the phone into a brilliant item.
  23. Apple MacBook Air. Although some may argue that this was not the first design of the original thing, we insist that this is one of the best versions. It is thin, it is accessible, and most importantly, it shows that the form can be as important as the software.
  24. Amazon Echo. We have heard about the concept of a digital assistant before, but this one has become a real wonder as it gained popularity among people from every corner of the world.
  25. Apple iPhone 4. It is believed that this phone will be remembered for having included the first selfie camera and thus taking a step in an entirely new direction.

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