Author: Ben Parker

Ben Parker

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

This motto shows the true nature of this confident man, who knows that everything is possible if you believe in yourself. Ben graduated from University of California – Los Angeles where he held PhD degree in Linguistics. He often says: “I am very glad to be a linguist, because you always have a chance to learn something new.” The man is convinced that languages are an essential part of humanity and the study of these languages is an important aspect of science itself. During his student’s years, Ben fulfilled more than 100 articles on various topics in linguistics. He managed to make his research papers intelligible, interesting and captivating to readers. The most common topics of his articles were teaching and learning languages, bilingualism, grammar and word use, pragmatics and others. He is sure that strong writing skills are very important for every person for his/her successful career.

Today, Ben is a professor of linguistics at the university and his main mission is to make his students sure that all knowledge gained through this discipline would get a lot of practical use. He helps students in choosing relevant topics for research papers and check, whether their works are written in acceptable English. The study of linguistic issues has become his life vocation. Ben thinks that it is a great opportunity to investigate the language in all its manifestations.

How to Write 500 Words Essay?

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Most of the popular publications include advices for serious and exhausting tasks that demand students to perform a lot of efforts and research. It is the upper level of task difficulty within the college years. But we know that even such common assignments, as an essay with the size of 500 words, often appears to be a real torture and challenge for youth. At first…

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