Couchsurfing Introduces People and Make Them Really Happy

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Author: Nicolas Braun

What could be better than travelling around the world, everyone has an incredible opportunity to find out a lot of new and interesting things about other peoples, their culture, traditions, lifestyle and more. But sometimes such type of activity requires a lot of expenses and not everyone can afford it. There are so many ways to travel, but it’s not easy to choose the right one. Therefore, we offer you such phenomenon as couchsurfing, it is the most intriguing and fascinating way of travelling. Let’s get acquainted closer with this wonderful and reliable helper of every traveler.

What is couchsurfing ?

Couchsurfing is one of the world’s largest hospitality networks, the main purpose of which is to develop cultural exchange. The idea is to increase intercultural exchange through communication in a friendly informal environment. This enables us to satisfy the natural desire to learn something new, to share knowledge and experience in different spheres of life.

You can travel from one country to another, in turn, the representative of another nationality can stay at your apartment. Just imagine today people from China stop by your place, and tomorrow you are at a host, somewhere in German. You can even visit someone who have already been in your house, or gather together and go to somebody else.  Thanks to such kind of communication, people from different countries are able to look at numerous international problems from various standpoints.

Let a foreigner be your guest! Be always welcoming! Organize an excursion round your native town and advise a new friend the most interesting places for sightseen or just invite him/her for a coffee to get to know each other better. This doesn’t require a lot of money; you just enjoy spending time together. Don’t lose the opportunity to make new friends and improve your language skills.

This social network unites more than 2 million people from 238 countries. Couchsurfing makes people happy and brings a lot of bright and unforgettable moments in their life. This adventurous and unpredictable way to explore the world, allow you to live in another country and dive deeply into its culture.

The information below will help you to be the member of couchsurfing!

Create you profile

Remember that the first impression is always important! In the personal profile, the participants have to give the detailed information about their hobbies, travel experiences, language skills and add various photos. Looking at your personal page, people decide whether they want to invite you or not. The host want to know what kind of person you are and how much satisfaction the communication will bring. Your photos will show where you’ve been before, which country you’ve already visited and which language do you speak. Be sincere and honest in your profile and someone will exactly invite you.

Don’t forget to contact the host personally!

Get acquainted with the profile of your future householder, read the reviews of other couchsurfers. In order to be sure that to go to another place is safe, you have to determine how popular is the host, how often he/her is online and how many people really recommend this place. Having such information, you can confidently go to visit there. Send a couch request to your householder in order to be sure that he/she will meet you on time.

Talk about housing conditions!

There are different accommodations available, you can overnight in the separate apartment with all convenience or just in the common room, in this case, sleeping bag wouldn’t be superfluous. Maybe you’ll have to pay phone expanses or share household duties, but you need to know about it with the householder. Have a conversation before, to avoid misunderstandings.

Be friendly!

The happiest couchsurfers are those who are kind, affable, neighborly, social and who are interested in communicating on different topics with their householders. Your good mood and interesting stories are the best “payment” for accommodation and other conveniences you are provided with. Just enjoy talking with other people, it is a good way to overflown your knowledge with useful and appropriate information, helpful advices and wordy-wisdom.

Be polite with the host!

“Respect your host” is the most important rule of successful couchsurfing. Following this rule, you will be satisfied with everything. Be always kind and polite, behave yourself in the right way. Don’t ask about money, politics and religion. Act always as an attentive listener, support the conversation and think carefully before saying something. Sometimes people want to be listened, keep calm and listen to them with understanding and attention.

If you want to travel on your own and find out more and more about other counties and you don’t afraid to make the new friends, then join the community of couchsurfing!

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