Good Timing is an Essential Part of a Successful Writing

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Author: Julia Stuart

How much time do I need to write a 1000 word essay?

“How long is a 500 word essay?” – it`s a common question. The time you need depends on a lot of things. Frankly speaking, don`t be afraid of 1000 words, as your dissertation will count at least 12,000 words. And how long should a college essay be? You will be asked to create assignments of 5,000 words at a university. Still, the number of words isn`t the only aspect that influences the time you spend on writing. So, let`s check what you should pay attention to!

How much time is needed for a research?

It depends on a kind of an essay whether you need to do a research or not. For instance, if you write an opinion essay and you know already necessary information, then you just need some time to organize your thoughts into a logical sequence. If you need additional information, you may look for it in the library or on the Internet. Of course, if the topic is complicated this step will take much more time, so you should set a goal and exactly know what you are looking for not to waste time.

What about your reading comprehension skills?

It`s very important to get the information you read quickly. There are people who can skim the text and choose the pieces they need. But there are also those, who need to read the text slowly and even re-read it to get the main points. So, your reading comprehension and skills influence the time you need for writing your assignment. That`s why you have to deal with so many reading tasks being at school.

Did you plan your essay?

Some students may think that just writing an essay till they reach the needed word count is the best option to save time, but in fact, it isn`t. You should think well on the structure of your essay, make a clear introduction, highlight the main ideas and make an encouraging conclusion. Before writing check some useful tips on essay writing and then work on your own. This will certainly save your time.

What is your speed of typing?

It`s a common trouble for students, when they write a sentence and get lost in the middle of it, forgetting what they wanted to say. In most cases, this happens because of the slow speed of typing. You are to train your typing using some games, as these skills are important in the modern world. If you type faster, you can capture more interesting ideas.

How long is an essay of 1000 words?

If you create your assignment fast, it doesn`t always mean it will be good. If you want your essay to be of a high quality, you should spend more time on it. Certainly, a professional writer can create a magazine article of 1000 words in three hours, but he is used to this kind of work and does it every day.
One of the writers tells, that one day he spent 12 hours to create a 1000 words essay. The information was very difficult to find as well as to understand. He needed to get in touch with experts and ask them for some explanations. He couldn`t write an essay without getting the information. This was the longest time he has ever spent on a 1000 essay.
The shortest time the expert has taken to create such an essay was 1 hour. The information was known to him and he didn`t need to check it with references.

It`s important to review your assignment

Revision of your essay plays an essential role in the process of creation, especially if you need high grades. Don`t leave writing an essay to the last day, create a draft of your work approximately two days before a deadline and in some time come back to it. Read your work aloud to check the mistakes. Make sure your thoughts flow logically.
If you want to get a good grade, then do not use short sentences and simple words, make your assignment different from others, show your originality.
The review doesn`t take much time, if you don`t make much editing, then half an hour will be enough for you.
Don`t rush. Control your time, it`s better to know that you have some time left than do everything quickly and not effectively because you are pressed for time. You should plan your writing considering the deadline.
There cannot be a certain answer about the exact time you spend on writing this or that assignment, as everything is personal. But we may give you answers to the most common questions like:
How long is a short essay?
You need about 20 minutes to complete a short essay.
How long should an essay be?
The length of the essay totally depends on the requirements of your educational establishment.

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