With these tips your birthday on campus will be unforgettable. Enjoy the party

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Author: Alice Miley

4 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday On Campus

Not only children, but adults also love the holiday, especially when it comes to birthday. After all, who does not want to be in the center of attention at least once a year, taking gifts and greetings?
I bet that every person wants to celebrate their birthday with the closest people. If you live on campus, you may feel sad that you can’t have a party with your family. However, you can have two parties, one with your roommates and another (during some holidays) with your family.
Let’s talk about the first one, and a little bit how to make it fun and on budget.

Set up a movie night

Are you looking for something relaxing? Netflix and chill out sound like a great idea for me, don’t you think so? You can have a perfect time with your roommates and friends just staying in and enjoying a film. If you don’t have the TV in your room, that’s OK. You can have even more fun by going to the basement area of your residence hall and watch the film there. Remember that without pizza and some snacks it will be boring, so don’t forget to grab those too. What kind of movie watching goes without pizza? I’m sure you’ll have a great time with a group of friends, plus you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Bake together

Go to Lower Debot, buy the necessary ingredients and make the best birthday cake on your own. Do you want to have a great bonding experience with your roommates/campus friends? Find the recipe and do it together. You can come up with some interesting decoration and make it special. Hot tea/coffee, tasty cake, friends around, and interesting conversations seem like a wonderful birthday evening.

Playing games

What can be more fun than to play games? Challenge your friends with a gaming system in your room. There is also a good idea to create some quest across the campus. You can come up with the name of game, and theme. It will be even more fun to wear some thematic clothes. A team of pirates, or people who explore new planets, some movie heroes anything you like.

Hang at the Brewhaus.

You’re allowed to go to the Brewhaus even if you’re not 21. You will find free play board games, darts, and foosball, as well as amazing atmosphere. I bet you will enjoy celebrating your birthday at the Brewhaus with a bunch of good friends.

Remember with a little bit of creativity and desire to organize a good party, you can make your birthday on campus as good as you can have it at home. Your friends are always your family. Spending time with them on this special day will bring you a lot of happiness.

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