Writing Tips for Writing Impressive Dissertation

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Author: Alice Miley

Writing a dissertation is always responsible work which requires a lot of efforts and special approach to its implementation. It should be noted that the dissertation is not a copied paper from the multiple Internet resources, but it is independently performed research work that has a scientific novelty and contributes to the corresponding field of knowledge. The main purpose of this paper is to show your skills and capability to make research in the chosen discipline and prove your high academic level through an original piece of content. This article is devoted to the basic tips of writing the dissertation correctly.

How to structure dissertations properly

Dissertation discussion is the most important part of your research paper and you have to allocate a separate chapter for its explanation. Remember that the structure you use is of the primary importance.

Part 1. Make your discussion section from the specific to the general, expand and move from the narrow limits of your study to the overall structure of the discipline.

Part 2. Try always to adhere to the general tone of introduction. Use the same key terms, the same tense and the same point of view.

Part 3. Determine the value of your research. Be consistent and precise in order to explain everything to convince the readers in the significance of the Dissertation.

Part 4. Begin answering the questions which are given in the introduction, supporting them with the results.

Part 5. Give the detail explanation how your results relate to literature and expectations.

Part 6. Indicate the relevance of your research paper.

Part 7. Identify the study’s limitations. Every company has its limitations but you have to admit that.

Part 8. Give some recommendations for further research based on your accomplishment.

Part 9. Explain how the results of the researches are important and how they influence the understanding of the problem which was investigated.

Part 10. Be always brief, specific and concise while discussing.

Useful advices for first-timers

  • Make the Dissertation paper on your own
  • Don’t forget to tell about all novelties which was included in your paper, they can be useful for future surveys
  • Identify has the Dissertation the future prospective
  • Do the findings of investigation meet your expectations?
  • Don’t forget about visualization, it is the way to interest people with your work. Use different illustrations, graphs, tables etc.
  • Describe the whole process of your work
  • Include all possible obstacles you were faced with
  • Provide the potential ways of improvement of the Dissertation
  • Try to use always present tense
  • Be attentive with selection of topic
  • Have a clear goal and structure
  • Read a lot, take the notes of the literature and other sources you’ve chosen
  • Write up your though
  • Give information about advantages and disadvantages of the different mythologies
  • Choose empirical or unempirical type of dissertations
  • Think of the overall structure of the dissertation
  • Make outlines for each chapter

Common mistakes

  • Plagiarism
  • Incomprehensible statements
  • Illogical content
  • Wrong topic
  • Absence of citations
  • Poor grammar and spelling
  • Incorrect format
  • Forgetting about conclusions
  • Lack of research skills
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of writing skills
  • Not focusing the research topic on one subject

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