Get Yourself Ready to Live with Various Types of Roommates

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Author: Kelly Higgins

7 types of roommates you are going to have

The researches show that almost every person during the life lived with some kind of a roommate. It`s obvious you are going to share a room with some colorful person being a college student. There exist thousands of various types of roommates, but some of them are the most common ones. So, it`s a good idea to get aware of the most widespread kinds of roommates before the beginning of a semester.
Still, not all roommates can be so bad, even the strangest ones can owe good qualities. This means you can make friends with them, do some activities together and spend time making fun.
However, you are to be careful with jumping into a decision. For instance, a person, who you have nothing in common with can become your best friend, while a person you trust most of all may turn out to be a liar. The roommate relationships can be compared with romantic ones considering the level of difficulty.
So, let`s check the list of the most widespread roommates you may come across.

The Shakespearean Tragedy

The life of such a roommate is going to be dramatic. Exams, boyfriends, and even clothes choice will make them cry for hours and feel depressed. Of course, you are going to listen to stories of the Universe mistake why they live in this dorm and not somewhere in London or Paris. So, get ready! Despite, they may be exhausting and you will always get lots of fun!

The Party Girl

You will surely have a good time with this kind of a roommate. The Party Girl won`t let you be sad, as her energy will encourage you to work better. This roommate will have plans on every single night, so you may have a room to yourself. But if you want to party, then you know for sure, that the Party Girl will take you in some interesting places.

Casper The Friendly Ghost

It`s a roommate who will never bother you, as you`ll see nothing but their stuff in your room. The Friendly Ghost appears only at the beginning of a semester to arrange own stuff and then you won`t see them for weeks. So, if you like to stay alone, then it`s a perfect option, or if you want to party all night out, nobody will complain. This is a win-win type of a roommate!

The Two-Headed Roommate

If your roommate is two-headed, then you can become a third wheel in your own room. If you come across a guy, sharing your bathroom, then congrats! You`ve got not one but two roommates, and there`s little thing you can do with this. Just try to get used!

The International Woman of Mystery

You are lucky if your roommate is an international student. You can get a great amount of information about foreign culture and traditions. Moreover, they can teach you some of their skills, like hookah owning! In addition, you have a great chance to practice the foreign language, get to know their lifestyle.

The Bookworm

The only thing which the bookworm enjoys to do is studying, so you shouldn`t be surprised to meet your roommate sleeping on a pile of books at 2 a.m. on Saturday. Such roommates do nothing but care about their grades and results. So, it`s a way to be encouraged to do well with your studying either.

The Best Friend

It may be a great surprise for you when you meet a new roommate who becomes your best friend. But this often happens, and such people are lucky ones, as they enjoy every moment they spend together in a room sharing their secrets and ideas!
Still, you should remember that it doesn`t matter what type your roommate is, you can gradually become the best friends. You can enjoy your life in a college dorm together and be in good relations after graduation.

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