The Show You Have Been Waiting for: The Wandering Earth

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Author: Julia Stuart

The Wandering Earth on Netflix. Watch the Space Odyssey

The Wandering Earth is a blockbuster, made by the Chinese and destined to become a success around the globe. This action-packed movie is dealing with the drama, set in space, and if this isn’t the odyssey that we have been waiting for, we don’t know anything about the adventure genre. The plot is full of imminent threats, disasters that can happen on Earth due to the careless attitude of humanity, and the heroic figures, trying to help the generations survive.
Although the description that is provided to the viewers may sound like a cliché, the film contains a healthy amount of tropes which makes it a perfect entertainment for the summer and a movie that really stands out among the popcorn trailers of the upcoming season. We cannot say that the space epic does not contain cheesy plot twists and dialogues that are too emotionally charged, but after all, the pathos of the performance is balanced out by the oomph that it is creating. The most sophisticated fans can find a few American stamps all over the movie, but they are more like a tribute to the original space odysseys than something that might actually ruin the film. A perfect combination of flashy, epic and people-pleasing, The Wandering Earth is definitely a blockbuster that you need to watch.
According to the critics, the pinnacle of the film occurs when one of the main characters throws a gun into the air and curses the planet of Jupiter that stands in the way of the survival of the entire planet. If this sounds like the film that you have been waiting for, we can assure you that The Wandering Earth is the movie that makes a difference. It is available for the fans that want their action films to be one click away, and the experts say that the Chinese epic might be the highest-grossing blockbuster that was not produced in America. The cast is mainly Asian with a few Russian space travelers mentioned through the course of the film, which manages to provide a great journey for all the fans that love a space epic.

The Enticing Story that Really Matters

The smashing hit that was featured on the screen has established a reputation of the movie that needs to be explored again and again. The plot twists are guaranteed to make you gasp in surprise, and the characters that are present provide steady entertainment for the viewers, who wish to spend a great time while staying at home. The main arc is focused on the imminent threat to our native planet. The impending doom that precedes the vanishing of the Sun suggests that people need to move to other systems that would be available for a peaceful existence. This is how the project, called the Wandering Earth, is launched.
The film suggests that in order to solve the global problem, a single government needs to be created. The Earth will be pushed out of the Solar System with the help of the enormous thrusters, which sort of turns the planet into a spaceship that travels to the new destination. The scientists have calculated that the safest route is the one, leading to Alpha Centauri.
However, it is obvious that humans can no longer stay on the surface of the planet due to its current status. They are forced to live in the cities, built in the underground. As the distance between the Earth and the Sun increases, the planet becomes no longer available for human living. The problem is, the underground lodges have a limited number of people, allowed to enter, and the chance to get there first is scarce. Liu Qi is the character that continues to dream of existence on the surface of the planet. He knows that his restless temper won’t allow him to stay silent when it comes to choosing his fate. He takes his little sister and goes on a journey that is just as dangerous as it is exciting.
The Wandering Earth is a movie that can’t be missed. The characters are thrilling with the plot conveniently turned into a really compelling story. The critics agree that it is not a blockbuster that has a single hero to solve all the problems. Instead, all the characters take their turns to offer their contribution to rescuing humanity, which is another feature that makes the film stand out among the others.
The heroic tone of the story tells us that anyone can become a rescuer, faced with a certain set of circumstances. The plot arc of the characters is enough to lure you into watching. This is the reason Netflix got interested in The Wandering Earth in the first place, offering to show the movie to the larger audiences around the world. It may be cheesy for those, who know how to define a great space epic and are waiting for the sophisticated movies to be released on screen. However, it is also an excellent film.

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